Emergency and Disaster Relief Medicine

german ercelliance - Emergency and Disaster Relief Medicine
german ercelliance - Emergency and Disaster Relief Medicine
  • Disposable emergency products such as:
    • Hemostatic Gauzes, Tourniquets, Burn Gel, Nitrile-Gloves, Bandages, Gauzes, Pressure Dressings, Blankets etc. but also hospital specific products like surgical drapes
  • Reusable emergency products such as:
    • First-Aid Bags, Complete Doctor Cases
    • Electrical & Non-electric, Reusable Medical Equipment such as Defibrillators, Emergency Ventilators, Stretchers and more

Disaster Relief Medicine

german ercelliance gmbh - product ffp prot mask
  • Mobile Oxygen Systems – Ultra-Portable or larger O2 manufacturing and filling stations or complete Gas Supply Systems for hospitals
  • ST 50 - Small Trauma 50 Kits: Sets with disposable articles to supply 100 patients for 30 days
  • LT 100 - Large Trauma 100 Kits: Sets with surgery material, primary care and general care of ICU patients for 100 patients over a time period of 30 days. Without electronic medical devices
  • Personal Protective Equipment and Infection Control Equipment such as FFP Particle Filtering Masks, Full Face masks, Nitrile Gloves, Disposable Overalls, Safety Boots and more for use for e.g. during pandemic situations or for Work Safety in the industry.
  • Decontamination Systems
  • Mobile Hospital - Truck Borne. All main hospital functions can be covered by 5 trucks which include the different departments thus permitting complete independence from outside sources. Container and tent-based alternatives are also available
  • Mobile Tent Systems – Inflatable or with Classic Framework
    • Utilisation as mobile hospitals including additional specialized equipment when required
    • Utilization as temporary housing for displaced persons

Innovative Specialized Medical Vehicles

german ercelliance gmbh - medical-vehicles
  • Mobile hospitals - Truck Borne including surgery room and ICU beds on twin levels with independent O2 supply and power generation. For deployment in catastrophe areas
  • (earthquakes, flood, military etc.) in order to sustain medical care or supply mobile medical services in rural areas on a part-time basis in areas lacking hospital care
  • Mobile X-Ray Vehicles and Mammography Units
  • Mobile Laboratories
  • Medical Equipment for Emergency Helicopters and Aircraft
  • Further special vehicles on request