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Individual Innovative Medical Solutions

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Special Medical Solutions for the Police

The Police is one of the most crucial state infrastructures, which needs to stay functional at all times. Their daily job requires medical solutions, which support them during tactical situations. We adapt our solutions to these specific needs. During Emergency Medical- but also pandemic situations or crime-scene investigation, the Police can rely on us, with our best quality and innovative medical solutions.

Our Tactical Medical Equipment can be used for example by the special Police forces, Police Patrol, Police for Criminal Investigation, Federal Police, Homeland Security, Gendarmerie, Coast Guards and other state institutions like Civil Defence. The medical equipment is partly also suitable for private security firms.

german ercelliance - Special Medical Solutions for the Military
german ercelliance - Turnkey Solutions for  Civil Hospitals/Pre – Hospital

Enhance your tactical possibilities with individually adapted medical solutions. Specific challenges require individual tactical solutions from a single source. By utilizing the latest technologies, we develop customized answers as a one-stop solution partner for the medical branches of Police forces.

  • Tactical First Aid and other Bags
  • Disposable Medical Products such as Hemostatic Gauzes, Tourniquets, Burn Gels, Special Black Nitrile-gloves, Bandages, Gauzes, Pressure Dressings, Coveralls, other Personal Protective Equipment, Blankets and many more.
  • DNA-Free Forensic Swabs,
  • Ercell Mask – Spit Safe Hood and mask for Police forces
  • Full-face Masks and tactical goggles
  • Infection Control Sets
  • Complete Medical Disposable Sets for specified field hospital types and deployment durations. Simple logistics by using standardized complete sets for each period.
  • MCI (Mass Casualty Incident) medical solutions
  • Additional medical solutions on request

german ercelliance gmbh - product ffp prot mask
FFP ProtMask
german ercelliance gmbh - product - tactical first aid bag
Tactical First Aid Bag
geman ercelliance gmbh - product - tourniquet system
Tourniquet System
german ercelliance gmbh - product - pressure dressing
Pressure Dressing
german ercelliance gmbh - product - prot hand white
Prot Hand White