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Individual Innovative Medical Solutions

Make the seemingly impossible, possible

Emergency and Disaster Relief Medicine, Tactical Medical Solutions, Hospital Solutions & Healthcare Consulting

German Ercelliance GmbH specialises in the following areas:

Emergency and Disaster Relief Medicine

  • Manufacturing and supply of Disposable Emergency and Disaster Medicine Materials and Sets
  • Medical equipment such as Ultra-portable On-site Oxygen Supply Systems
  • Personal Protective equipment
  • Specialized Medical Vehicles such as Mobile Laboratories and Truck-borne Mobile Hospitals etc.

Tactical Medical Solutions

100% customer adapted solutions for Police and Military forces such as

  • Tactical First Aid Bags
  • Ultra-mobile On-site 02 Supply Systems
  • DNA-Free Swabs
  • Ercell Mask: Spit Safe Hood and mask
  • Full-face Masks & Tactical goggles
  • and many more

Medical Solutions for Hospitals & Healthcare Consulting

  • Medical Gas Systems for hospitals
  • Project management for turnkey hospital projects, including feasibility studies, turnkey hospital financing, planning, architecture & construction. Supply and installation of medical and nonmedical devices, training of medical/technical staff and technical service
  • Disposable articles like e.g. Nitrile examination gloves etc.
  • Healthcare Consulting in the areas of Emergency & Disaster Relief Medicine and Hospital projects for both state and private institutions.


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Corona Virus

30 January 2020
Please contact us about your need for personal protective equipment to protect yourself against the Corona Virus / Covid 19. These include FFP masks, safety goggles, overalls / coveralls, nitrile gloves.
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