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Individual Innovative Medical Solutions

Make the seemingly impossible, possible

About us

Individual Innovative Medical Solutions

German Ercelliance provides sustainable help to people in times of medical need through First-Class quality products and solutions. Our strength is adapting our products to your individual needs, making the impossible, in the fastest way possible.

Never before have customers had the chance to obtain such solutions from a single source. Solutions are chosen with such care and Knowledge, that they match requirements to perfection. The secret to our success is the same passion and dedication to our work as seen by rescuers for their patients. We admire them for their daily efforts and strive to support them through intelligent, long-lasting solutions and products.

German Ercelliance is not only active throughout Europe, but also, in the countries of Africa, Middle-East, CIS and soon in additional regions. Our network of local specialists, directly On-site, allow us to respond to local needs and requirements in record time. The solutions we create are innovative, absolutely reliable and robust. Our aim is to always satisfy the needs of our customers with individual and therefore, efficient and reasonable solutions.

Our Philosophy

german ercelliance - tactical medical solutions - philosophy
german ercelliance - tactical medical solutions - philosophy

Our Vision

We endeavour to be the most innovative and successful company in customer adapted solutions for especially difficult and challenging projects in the fields of Emergency & Disaster Medicine, Tactical Medicine and Hospital Projects. We attain to being faster than others regarding development, problem solving and delivery.

Solution Orientation and Service

We listen to you! Your wishes and requirements regarding product modifications, completely new products or projects are always welcome. We will meet your lower budgets with higher quality, smarter, more innovative and robust products in order to keep your Total Cost of Ownership low. Our endeavor is to give you the right tools in hand thus helping to make the crucial difference, when things become critical.

With our problem-/solution-oriented thinking, we recognize chances and possibilities even in problem areas - new challenges motivate us to design and realize individual custom-made solutions in close cooperation with our partners. Excellence in service is a task we gladly pursue. We see ourselves as your advisor, as a driving force and partner for problem solutions. We know our markets very well and will support you not only operationally, but also strategically in the best way possible.


We allocate quality highest priority. Only with products and solutions of the highest quality, we can support you in the best possible manner, especially in critical and emergency situations. Our quality management therefore guarantees the highest quality in all processes, from product development through manufacturing to delivery and after sales service. We employ advanced technical solutions and the best possible materials in our products. German Ercelliance also believes in design and aesthetics that translate into a strong identity of userfriendly functionality and style. We are planning for the future - the essence of research.

Our products consistently meet or exceed the requirements of our customers. We promote personal involvement, teamwork, continuous improvement and proactive problem solving to drive this commitment to quality. In every facet of our operations we are dedicated to apply these principles whilst simultaneously maintaining an equal commitment to the health and safety of our employees, plant neighbours, customers and the environment.


German Ercelliance is committed to the principles of corporate social and environmental responsibility. The management of this responsibility is central to our activities. This is not only appropriate for a leading international company, but also benefits our company as well as the whole. Within German Ercelliance the core values of social responsibility, environmental responsibility and ethics are our focus. We are fair, honest and consistent in our business and personal practices.

Growth Oriented

The main company aim of German Ercelliance is to further develop and secure our economic base by strengthening our human, technical and creative resources and by adhering to above-mentioned values, by the letter.